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APRIL 2020


Iatrogenic Hyperthyroidism
Last Post 26 Jul 2020 03:16 PM by Elaine Moore. 1 Replies.
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srothUser is Offline New Member New Member Posts:
26 Jul 2020 10:36 AM
    Hello! 59 years old w Hashimoto's. I am at the end of my rope trying to recover after being diagnosed with "iatrogenic hyperthyroidism" in early 2019 after being very overmedicated in 2018 on T3. And, just a few months prior to taking the T3 I didn't need, I went gluten free (was diagnosed separately as Non Celiac Gluten Sensitive). So thinking GF increased absorption and then added an unnecessary big dose of Cytomel because I was feeling so poorly when I really should have cut back on meds due to better absorption. I am told it's 18 months or more before the overmedication works its way through and I can feel better. I am at about 16 months and can't remember the last time I felt well/normal. On no thyroid meds since Jan 2019 and labs are staying in range but not optimal. Feel so sick every day is wearing me down mentally. I never self medicate and am desperately looking for a doctor who can work with me to get me better again.
    Elaine MooreUser is Offline Veteran Member Veteran Member Posts:3387
    26 Jul 2020 03:16 PM
    Hi S,
    The Exogenous T3 should have been metabolized and out of your system in 3-6 months at best. Since you have Hashimoto’s you may feel poorly going without levothyroxine. Even with levels that fall within the reference range they may be inadequate for your body’s needs. In general in hypothyroidism 6 weeks without replacement hormone can lead to myxedema. Feel free to post your labs here.
    Best, elaine
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