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APRIL 2020


LDN update
Last Post 27 Jun 2020 12:46 PM by Elaine Moore. 1 Replies.
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CarolUser is Offline New Member New Member Posts:
24 Jun 2020 10:43 AM
    Hello again Elaine,

    Thanks for your recent response to my questions about LDN as they relate to my experience and my husband's potential use of it.

    Since you asked me to keep you posted about our experiences, I thought I'd share mine since I tried LDN back in 2014-15 when being treated with antibiotics for Lyme. My hope was that it would expedite my healing and also tame my thyroid that was requiring increasing doses of hormone replacement to maintain my setpoints.

    My LDN starting dose was 1.5mg and I was able to titrate up to 4.5mg without much difficultly with the exception of sleep disturbances that were remedied by switching to AM dosing. I stopped taking LDN after a year because I didn't notice any improvements and was looking to reduce the costs associated with my Lyme treatment. I recognize that I might have needed more time on it but treating Lyme was breaking my bank account due to the cost of supplements and after my LLMD told me to switch to herbals.

    Fast forward to last year and my Functional Medicine Practitioner suggested I give LDN another try in the hopes of taming the peripheral neuropathy that developed during Lyme treatment and persisted. Of course, I was also hopeful for thyroid stabilization since I was then taking replacement doses 40% larger than what I'd been taking before Lyme hit.

    Titrating this time was another story. I was started on .5mg with instructions to increase by .5mg every 1-2 wks. Not only did the neuropathy amp up after the first dose increase but old Lyme symptoms returned. I understand this was a reflection of enhanced immune function and my body's inability to deal with the resultant inflammation. I was advised to titrate at a slower pace and I eventually discovered this product called "CytoQuel" that specificially addresses the Lyme-related cytokines responsible for my issues.

    While the slower titration coupled with CytoQuel tamed the Lyme issues, I still had sleep disturbances for 1-2 wks. after each dose increase despite taking the LDN in the morning. In addition, I developed physical anxiety symptoms that were most pronounced when I'd wake too early in the morning ala those sleep disturbances. And, it was too easy to feel anxious in general.

    Over the course of the past year, I found that I was going hyper on my thyroid meds (I take NP thyroid and levothyroxine) and my dose(s) wound up getting reduced after almost every set of labs. I am currently taking the same amount of hormone I was taking when Lyme hit. Even better is the fact that I didn't need a dose adjustment after my most recent thyroid labs and I'm still feeling good with the occasional thyroid symptom blip that I'm sure is due to taking a stable dose of meds with a body subject to changes.

    I just started the 4.5mg LDN dose earlier this month and it seems that the adjustment symptoms are finally over. I'm finding that I wake each morning with a renewed sense of vitality along with a nice sense of calmness. My energy is steady throughout the day and the neuropathy is definitely calming down.
    I am very encouraged about this and look forward to experiencing all of the benefits LDN has to offer - including its antiviral properties and possible application for COVID-19 (great blog post btw).

    I'm going to post another topic as it relates to my husband possibly taking LDN since this post is already quite long.

    Bottom line, thank you for all you've done to educate us about LDN - it is truly a promising med.

    I was happy to read that your allergies aren't bothering you as much this summer. Vitamin D is another winner in my book :)

    All the best,
    Elaine MooreUser is Offline Veteran Member Veteran Member Posts:3387
    27 Jun 2020 12:46 PM
    Hi Carol,
    Sounds like you're in a good place with both hypothyroidism and Lyme disease. Sometimes stopping LDN for a while and then restarting also helps in revving up the endorphins. The fact that your hypothyroidism improved enough to lower your dose suggests a reduction in blocking TSH receptor antibodies. Thanks for the update. Keep well, Elaine
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