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Accidentally overdosed on methimazole, egg quality messed up?
Last Post 14 Jun 2024 07:49 PM by Elaine Moore. 1 Replies.
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PaddingtonUser is Offline New Member New Member Posts:
10 Jun 2024 02:38 AM
    Hi all,

    I used to have bad graves disease, started 2018, but went into remission a year ago. My antibody levels for trab, tpo, anti tsh aka tsi were all within normal range or less.

    That is, until I did an egg retrieval for IVF. They give you hormones and pull out ur eggs. Not doing transfer of embryo for a few more years so not worried about that right now.

    After 2 egg retrievals , at that point antibodies were still normal range, not high like years ago, but out of remission and so I started taking 30 mg Methimazole.

    Tsh was 1 to 1.3

    That is, until I confused a 200 mg vit C supplement for methimzole and been taking 60 mg past 3 weeks!!

    Accidentally doubled my MMI! From 30 mg to 60 mg! (Thought it was a vitamin, long story). For the past 3 weeks. Got labs done and now TSH is 18 whereas before it was 1.3!! Free thyroxine is 1, should be 1.2-5!

    T4 is 4, should be 4.5-12! T3 uptake is 21, should be 24-39!

    What do I do?? I have stopped all methimzaole and taking armour dessicated thyroid 30 mg aka half a grain aka 5 mg t3 and 20 mg t4. Per day. Aka levothyroxine 20 mg per day. My doc seems clueless, so I'm dosing this out of my own guesswork!

    How long before I can get back to normal labs? Super important bc I was supposed to do egg freezing this month in 3 weeks, I'm worried it will affect the egg quality. Not doing a transfer yet but worried about egg quality. My period is usually 28 days but last one came 1 week early!!

    How long before I can theoretically do a egg retrieval and not worry about egg quality being messed up? Ivf is so expensive. My doctor seems clueless!!!

    Elaine, by chance am I doing correctly? Should I take both armour thyroid (and what dose I am 30s and 100 lbs), and methimzole of so what dose what would roughly recommended? And would this affect my egg quality by chance? Wondering when I can do an egg retrieval. My ivf doctor really would not know what to do and the response would be to order piles of other labs, all of which like the CBC were normal.

    Sorry for the long explanation. Any advice sincerely appreciated.
    Elaine MooreUser is Offline Veteran Member Veteran Member Posts:4084
    14 Jun 2024 07:49 PM
    I have two beautiful IVF grandchildren so I'm familiar with the procedure.
    The 30 mg MMI dose was probably too high since even with high thyroid hormone levels, the recommendation for a starting dose is 20 mg. As long as you're not doing the egg retrieval while on the 60 mg MMI dose you should be ok.
    Your labs weren't as bad as expected so you're recovering. TSH takes longer to change. The FT4 of 1.0 isn't critical. The T3 uptake test is an obsolete test used before we had tests for FT4. In the uptake the reagent T3 is added to your serum to get an idea of your binding proteins. This value is calculated with the total T4 result to get a guestimate of what your FT4 is. What you wanted was an FT3 test.
    Right now you don't want to overdo it with replacement hormone. You started on low doses of Armour and levothyroxine. You want to see your FT4 and FT3 to make sure they're optimal before egg retrieval. You can test after you've been on these meds 2 weeks. TSH won't be stable yet since it lags 6 week behind your thyroid hormone levels. But if your levels of FT4 and FT3 are good, retrieval will be fine. If these levels are too high or too low adjust your dose for at least a week before retrieval.
    We all mess up with doses and it looks like you have a stockpile of meds. Remember that while levothyroxine is stable as a pill longer, Armour starts to break down after around 90 days. Good luck and best wishes, Elaine
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