catching up and thyroid supplementation idea
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08 Nov 2021 09:06 AM
    Hello dearest Elaine,
    Chemo 5 done and dusted - great - and how wonderful that your daughter takes after you and is a healer (magnesium for bone pain). Like lots of people on your wonderful forum, I think of you very regularly, and hopefully all the 'perfect healing' intentions are supporting you to a perfect recovery.

    I think I told you I have started an EU distribution for Time Health UK supplements. They have marvellous things that are hard to find, and I followed your suggestions regarding eye supplements (for my TED), CoQ10, astaxanthin, vit D, selenium etc etc to the letter and I continue, not just to be in remission, but I continue to heal at deeper levels. Anyone in Europe looking for absolutely natural, food-based supplements can get them here You'd love their medicinal mushroom range. I'm taking lion's mane for cognition, and I notice a difference already.

    I've just had my latest of 6 monthly antibody results, and I continue to reduce in levels of autoimmune antibodies. When I had full-on Graves my TSH - TRAK (sorry this is the French designation) autoimmune blood levels were 37 IU/L. You told me that was a high level. Anyway, my latest test showed 2.40 IU/L (ref less than 1.75), down from 3.00 in August. So just a little bit less and I'll be in 'normal' range, which is my goal.

    But now to the crux of my message here. I'd like to know if you could contact me? Here is my email address as I'm thinking a thyroid support range of supplements created with your knowhow might be very beneficial for so many people. It's just a thought, but who better than you? As a Graves survivor, I know it isn't fun sitting in front of a row of supplements, swallowing a dozen dutifully, and I thought if we could create a formulation for hypo and one for hyper etc, it might be a lifesaver for many. Of course this is just an idea, but I thought I'd run it across you.

    So I close with a gentle blanket of perfect healing that surrounds you.
    Be well Elaine. And as you have shown me, perfect healing is possible. Let it be your turn. xx
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    16 Nov 2021 07:55 PM
    On my kitchen table I have two baskets of supplements. I have a mushroom mix that contains Lion's Mane and I give my husband Lion's Mane to counter the effects of the androgen deprivation therapy he's on for prostate cancer. I've added lots of new ones based on Patrick Quillan's book on nutrition for cancer patients.
    Sounds like a good idea you have. I emailed you so we can work on this although you may want to first look on Amazon to see if there are any products like this. Best, Elaine