Rise and then fall in antibodies post-COVID vaccine
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05 Jun 2021 05:50 AM
    Thanks, Elaine, for alerting us to the possible rise in thyroid autoantibodies following COVID vaccination. My FT4, FT3, and TSH all dropped and my antibodies rose, all for the first time in decades (TRAB from <1 to 1.4, with 1.75 the line for Graves'.)

    I increased my T4 and planned to get labs in a few weeks. But at 5 weeks post the second Pfizer vaccine (and 3 weeks after raising my dose) I was having night sweats and my pulse rose from a normal 75 to the 90s.

    I attributed the sweats to the sudden drop in estrogen levels during quarantine (bioidentical HRT) and didn't pay attention to the elevated heart rate. I had been logging my blood pressure prior to a routine medical test and as of a few weeks before all was perfect.

    When I arrived for the test my bp and heart rate were sky-high. All went OK, and when the next morning my heart rate was still in the 90s I realized that I was on too much T4 replacement and reduced to the previous dose (skipped a day first). I will get labs in a month, but as of day 3 post reduction I'm already feeling euthyroid again.

    My experience suggests that people raising their dose in response to a drop in thyroid levels post-vaccine should make a note to get labs at about the four-week point so a change doesn't sneak up on them, as it did for me.

    My practitioner is very good with thyroid issues but she didn't get the idea that a reduction in antibodies could actually make the thyroid work better again (having been blocked at the TSH receptors rather than further destroyed).

    I'm so sorry to hear you are dealing with cancer. Will be praying and keeping you in my thoughts. You have been one of the most important guideposts in my life and I know countless others would say the same.

    Do rest well and don't get back to any kind of work too soon!
    Nicole B.

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    06 Jun 2021 01:40 PM
    Hi Nicole,
    Thanks for your kind words and your excellent description of how the Covid vaccine can affect our thyroid hormone levels. I'll definitely be taking it easy. As soon as my twin brother gets here from Ohio I'll be playing marathon scrabble and pinochle up til the time of surgery. My husband isn't into games so this will be a real treat. Keep well, Elaine