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Author: Elaine Moore's Blog Created: 8/6/2008
Topics, tips, general information, controversies and commentaries on a variety of health topics, by Elaine Moore.

Autoimmune Component in Parkinson's Disease Found

By Elaine Moore on 8/23/2017
Recent studies indicate that autoimmunity plays a major role in the development of Parkinson's disease.
Autoimmune diseases
Research News
antiganglioside antibodies
autoimmune disease
guillain-barre syndrome
parkinson's disease

An Association Between Weight and Autoimmune Disease

By Elaine Moore on 6/18/2013

Low weight/decreased appetite linked to autoimmune diseases.

Alternative medicine
Autoimmune diseases
autoimmune disease

Link Between Periodontal Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis

By Elaine Moore on 9/23/2012

Chronic Inflammation and the Autoimmune Process

Autoimmune diseases
autoimmune disease
periodontal disease

Antioxidants Reduce Mortality

By Elaine Moore on 3/3/2011

Study Shows That Antioxidant Nutrients Protect Health

Alternative medicine
autoimmune disease

Elaine Moore Graves' Disease and Autoimmune Disease Education 

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