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Tips for Immune System Health from JES

By Elaine Moore on 5/3/2013

Long time readers will remember Judith Eileen Schneider (JES) and her many helpful suggestions. Many people do searches for her posts. In this blog, she's shared some of her tips, and she'll have more information for us on Green Smoothies next week.


I will definitely post my DARK GREEN INTENSE SMOOTHIE recipe in a separate post, but for now I wanted to provide a wide variety of creative recipes immediately available in YouTube videos to anyone who has internet access. These people inspired me, I never get bored with the wide variety of fruits and vegetables:

Kristina's channel: (she used to be extremely ill as a teenager with hyperglycemia, she is now medication free and in perfect health)

Dan the Man the Life Regenerator (say what you will about him, he's a bit of a nutter but his recipes are pretty darned creative!)


I wanted to bring up skin brushing again because I first learned about it when I was first diagnosed with GD. I was so weak and couldn't exercise as I was trying to avoid getting my heart rate up. Skin brushing was something I could do in bed, laying down when I felt weak.  I started it on a daily basis and discovered to my surprise it made a HUGE difference, not what I would have expected.  (I mean I just never would have believed that the act of brushing the skin did anything special but how wrong I was.)  My skin brush has bristles made from some plant, I bought it at Whole Foods and it's lasted all this time, I wash it once a week and it dries just fine. If people can tolerate harder skin brushing then all the more remarkable the results, I built up the pressure over time as I got more used to it.  (In fact, if I'm sick and weak with some flu virus I have also used the skin brush while lying down, drink lotsa hot lemonade (with dash of scotch whiskey, get sweating) and I truly believe it aids in recovery for that too, moves the lymph around the body gets it goin'.)  Note from EM--Ann Louise Gittelman advocates skin brushing as well to rev up a sluggish lymphatic circulation. Lymphocytes are at the root of immune dysfunction in autoimmune disorders.


I discovered this cool link "Encyclopaedia of Vegetables" from the writings of Dr. Norman Walker, in hopes that people might find it inspiring:


I used to think meditation was for gurus but far from it, as Deepak Chopra explains in everyday language in his YouTube videos.  In our rushed, stressed society people forget how to bring themselves into the moment.  I believe from my own experience that quiet time / meditation time before bed (or anytime) makes a huge difference particularly with a volatile condition such as GD.  It was when I was in the throws of GD I learned how to get myself into that wonderful quiet space of existence, by bringing my attention to my breathing, and I believe with all my heart it contributed to my healing, (and lead to very deep relaxation and wonderful naps! The ultimate!) Deepak Chopra's link with videos on "Introduction to Meditation"

From EM---Graves' disease patients, in particular, tend to worry and their minds often race (the monkey mind, some call it). This can make meditation seem impossible, but it's not. It's difficult at first so it's important to aim for just a minute a day and work up. Meditation is one of the best lifestyle changes one can make for immune system health.

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