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IBSA Thyroid Replacement Hormone on Sale

By Elaine Moore on 9/17/2013

Anti-aging Systems is a UK company that sells certain medications without a prescription. Thyroid replacement hormone is widely sold as an anti-aging supplement.

IBSA is a synthetic combination product containing both T4 and T3 in the same amounts found in glandular extracts. IBSA Thyroid 25 x 74mcg T4 + 21.4mcg T3 $25.49 Buy One Get One Free through the end of November 2013

IBSA thyroid is the first combination T3 and T4 product to be offered. As many physicians only prescribe synthetic thyroids, it is possible to fulfill prescriptions for both of these here, as well as this combination T3 and T4. This company stocks Tiromel, and Titre which are both T3 products, and Eutirox which is contains levothyroxine (T4).


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