Alternative Medicine and Holistic Healing

by Elaine Moore

A Holistic Approach is Essential for Healing in GD, whether used alone or as a Complementary Therapy to Supplement Conventional Medicine. The World Authority on Herbs, The German Commission E, reports that Bugleweed, Motherwort, and Lemon Balm are safe and efficacious for treating hyperthyroidism. Caution: Like anti-thyroid drugs, herbs cannot be withdrawn abruptly. When remission is achieved, they should be slowly tapered.

Hippocrates cautioned that pure water, soil and air are necessary for health. A whole foods diet and simplicity in life are valuable healing tools.

The Key Steps to Holistic Healing in Graves's Disease

Following these steps, either as your sole therapy, or as part of a conventional healing plan, will help reduce symptoms and bring you to remission faster. The goal in GD is achieving permanent remission.

  • The key elements for achieving this goal include:
  • Dietary Changes, primarily limiting iodine to <150 mcg daily; adding goitrogens (fresh broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, almonds, peanuts, etc.); goitrogens help block iodine absorption. Iodine is a trigger of autoimmune thyroid disease and an essential component of thyroid hormone; also avoid wheat, dairy, sugar, saturated fats and aspartame.
  • Dietary Supplements, to correct nutrient deficiencies that contribute to symptoms in GD; emphasis on vitamins C, E, A, D, B2, B1, B6, essential fatty acids and copper.
  • Stress reduction techniques such as yoga, tai chi or meditation. Stress causes immune system changes that promote autoimmune disease.
  • Herbal medicine, primarily Lycopus virginicus (Bugleweed), Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm), Leonurus (Motherwort), Skullcap; for optimal results use in a tonic prescribed by a herbalist or as a tincture diluted in tea.
  • Homeopathic preparations, particularly Kelpasan, Coffea, Natrum muriaticum and Thyroidinum
  • Acupuncture to restore immune system health
  • Immunomodulators: plant sterols and sterolins that strengthen, not stimulate, the immune system
  • Sufficient rest to help promote health and healing
  • Laughter, every time you smile your immune system cells show changes that are beneficial to immune system health; Dr. Norman Cousinsreversed his own autoimmune disorder with a combination of humor & biofeedback
  • Allow your pets to help you heal.

The Role of Stress

Stress is known to trigger Graves' disease and exacerbate its symptoms. Stress depletes levels of natural killer cells, white blood cells that normally prevent autoimmune disease development, and it lowers our interferon levels, helping perpetuate the autoimmune process. Stress reduction techniques restore immune system balance, alleviating autoimmune disease symptoms and helping us achieve remission.

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