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2/5/2010 6:04 PM

Hi Elaine,

I am receiving some conflicting advice regarding salt.  I know iodine should be avoided for someone like me with Graves, but there are salts without this in them.

I was recently advised by a Naturopath to take Himalayan crystal salt as it is the purest you can get and the 84 minerals it contains would be good for me.

However, it is difficult to distinguish between reliable websites and dodgy ones, some say it is a myth that Himalayan salt is good, and some say it is excellent.

Is there a list somewhere that I can access of the minerals it contains?

Does it have arsenic, fluoride and iodine in it as has been suggested and if so (as suggested by someone else), what it does contain is pure and not harmful.  This is very confusing, I would appreciate your comments.



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2/7/2010 5:40 PM

Hi Jenny,

Natural unrefined coarse sea salt does contain only trace amounts of iodine and it contains many other trace minerals. I was thinking it was more like twenty-some.  I bought some of the Himalayan salt through Dr. Mercola's website and I didn't find it superior to the French sea salt I get. In fact, the Himalayan salt used for cooking seemed refined. I also received some huge chunks of Himalayan salt for bathing.

I'm using Sel Marin de Guerande, a course dried salt that I picked up at Dean and DeLuca. You can find good coarse salts at most natural food grocers. It lists it's top three ingredients as magnesium, calcium and potassium.  Refined salts contain aluminum to prevent caking, and that's another reason to avoid them.  Best, Elaine

HomeHomeDiscussionsDiscussionsQ&A 8/2008 - 10...Q&A 8/2008 - 10...Salt and Graves DiseaseSalt and Graves Disease

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