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Lichen Sclerosus and Thyroid Disease

By Elaine Moore on 5/16/2012

Most likely to occur in postmenopausal women, lichen sclerosus can occur in men and children near puberty.  Besides causing skin lesions that form patchy areas, scar tissue in vulvar lichen sclerosus can cause a painful narrowing of the vagina in women and balanitis in men. Once considered rare, lichen sclerosus is becoming more common and is highly associated with autoimmune thyroid disease and other autoimmune conditions.

Autoimmune diseases
lichen sclerosus
thyroid rash

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I haven't read for some time; diagnosed with Graves in April 2001, had RAI in March 2006.

I had major issues with skin liasons and was diagnosed with Lichen Schlerosus in 2005 after much much pain in the vulvar area.

I can't believe that it is so common with thyroid disease - why does no one tell us.

I am commenting as I think that my lichen may be returning to the vulvar area, have had periodadically over the years off and on and use a steriod cream that was prescribed.

Any other helpf would be great!

While the topical meds mentioned in my article (click on the blue words to link) are helpful, anything you do to help your immune system heal would benefit you. Proper diet, adaptogens, and avoiding environmental triggers all offer benefits. take care, elaine

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