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Elaine Moore
270 26962 5/3/2016

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Personal Health Responsibility

By Elaine Moore on 6/20/2012

Medicine has changed a great deal in recent years. Insurance regulations often dictate what medicines doctors can prescribe and even the dosages. One's diagnosis often determines what diagnostic tests are covered. Since patients are individuals, the rules don't always fit, and patients can't cound on always receiving the best medical care.

However, patients have a right to review their results and be advised about all treatment options. An empowered patient asks questions and finds a more skilled physician if treatment isn't optimal.

With studies showing how dramatically diet affects our health, empowered health consumers take a close look at their diets and find ways to improve. Visiting websites such as this and learning about environmental triggers and the role of stress in disease is another form of empowerment. Read all the articles and discover one or more ways you alone can enhance your healing experience. Wishing you the best in health, Elaine

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